I'm Saar Drimer,
an electronics crafsman.

This is my CV.

I'm a hardware design engineer interested in exploring new ways to design, and interact with, electronics. I'm motivated by fresh new ideas that challange conventional ways of doing 'things'. I also cook for fun, and do artistic things for well being.

       Work experience       

Boldport, founder
October 2010 — Present


BERG London, hardware design contractor
August 2012 — November 2012 & July 2013 — October 2013

London, UK

Argon Design, Principal Engineer
January 2012 — September 2012

Cambridge, UK

University of Cambridge, Research Associate
November 2009 — June 2010

Xilinx, Design Engineer II, Advanced Product Division (Virtex FPGAs)
April 2002 — August 2005

San Jose, California

Kinaare Networks, Engineering Intern
Summer 2000
Sunnyvale, California


PhD Computer Science,
Department of Computer Science and Technology,
Cambridge University
October 2005 — October 2009

Academic adviser: Dr Markus G. Kuhn
Industry adviser: Austin Lesea

BSc Computer Engineering,
University of California at Santa Cruz
October 1998 — June 2002

     Speaking or media     

     Selected publications     

     Technical reports